CREE has been created in 1993 and is registrating candidates since 1995. Since then, more than 600 candidates files have been assessed for an actual registrated number of 413 european ergonomists in the directory.


Difference between assessed candidates and actual number in the directory comes mainly from ergonomists that stopped their activity.

assessed by decision

Based on an analysis of each file processed by the national boards, CREE council does allocate quite a different time from a meeting to another to its main activity : assessment.

As you might see above, processing does involve different types of candidates :
- first applicants (blue) : ergonomists that do apply for the first time or after a radiation or lack of information for several years.
- renewal (purple) : ergonomist that are eur erg for 5, 10 or 15 years and have to renew as their active 5 years period ends .
- postponed (yellow) : ergonomists that were assessed but that do not meet the 3 years experience rule and shall be accepted once they have it.
- rejected (light blue): ergonomists that do not match the criteria and that might present their file again.